Total debt of Vaults
$0 $0
Median debt of Vaults
$0 $0
Excluding vaults below 100 DAI debt
Top 1 vault share
% 0%
Top 10 vaults share
% 0%
Collateralization ratio weighted per debt size
0.00% 0%
Collateralization required (min. 165%)
Collateralization required for next OSM price
Current OSM price
Last update: 10:01 UTC
Next OSM price in 28 min
$2,079.47 0%
Next price update: 11:01 UTC

Vaults Liquidation

Amount of dai debt to be eligible for liquidation relative to the price change of collateral asset. Horizontal axis present the $ price of an asset, while vertical axis represent the amount of dai debt liquidated. Vaults are eligible for liquidation after the most recent OSM price change pushes the user below the lowest required collateral ratio - Liquidation ratio. Note that because of how OSM price changes, vaults are rarely liquidated at exactly the liquidation ratio.

Last updated: 2021-07-23 12:45